Ultimate Way to Pet-Proof Your Furniture

Ultimate Way to Pet-Proof Your Furniture

Having a pet in the home is a pure blessing for the amount of joy and happiness it brings to our lives. However, it is not always a pleasant experience for dog owners. Sometimes, your furniture has to bear the consequences of having a pet at home. Though not willfully, your dog or cat can cause immense damage to some of your expensive furnishings. That's why most pet owners look for a furniture protector for dogs and cats. But knowing some tips to keep pets off furniture can be really useful. Keep reading to learn  the most effective way to protect your furniture from your furry friend (hint: it's DoggOffIt!).

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Furniture from Pets?

Some people easily allow their pets to lounge on their fancy couch without realizing the repercussions they will face later. Thus, it is important to understand why you must protect your furniture from your pets in the first place. Exquisite furniture pieces made from good-quality materials are an investment, and you have to maintain them from undesirable wear and tear. Proper care is needed if you want your furniture to last for years to come. However, your pet can destroy your furniture in a jiffy through the following ways or habits. 

  • Scratching 
  • Chewing  
  • Shedding 
  • Muddy paw marks
  • Accidental stains
  • Fleas, ticks, insects
  • Poison Ivy and other debris

Besides simply seeking a comfy resting place, there can be multiple reasons behind these destructive habits or behavior of your dogs or cats. Some of the common reasons include lack of exercise, anxiety, teething, and lack of mental stimulation. Along with giving regular training to your pet and providing them with chew toys, you can take some preventive measures to protect your furniture. For example, you can get DoggOffIt  pet barriers for home furniture. 

An unattractive or damaged couch sitting in your living room can also be a turn off to your guests. Thus, we have compiled some ways people pet-proof their furniture to make life easier. 

Install Doors or Gates

If you don't want your pets to sit on your good furniture, some people prevent them from entering the room where it is kept. It is better not to let your pet have access to the furniture, especially when you are not at home. A simple way to do this is to shut off the door.  It will prevent your dog or cat from roaming around in the home and causing unwanted damage when you are out for work. But today's homes HVAC are designed for balanced air flow with doors open.  So, closing doors can reduce the efficiency of the air system.  With DoggOffIt placed on the furniture to be protected, there is no need to close doors and your pet has freedom to roam.  After all, it is their territory too!

Invest in a Furniture Protector

Another excellent way to protect your furniture is to get a furniture protector for dogs or cats. When you have a pet at home, it is smart to invest in a furniture protector designed for protecting upholstered chairs' seating areas. It will help you maintain the look and beauty of your couch by keeping your pets off it. Moreover, it can also help modify your pet's behavior to stay away from furniture in your absence. Make sure the furniture protector that you purchase is lightweight and easy to use. Like DoggOffIt!

Get a Spray Pet Deterrent

Pet deterrent sprays may be effective.  However, they must be reapplied periodically, may stain fabrics, and some humans may have an allergic reaction to skin contact of these products.  Spray the deterrent directly on the furniture to deter your pets from chewing, biting, or licking.  However, desire to sit on the sofa may be so strong, that your pet may or may not get used to the spray, and access the furniture anyway.  A  good-quality couch protector, such as DoggoffIt is a better and much easier choice than sprays.

Give Some Personal Space

Provide your pet with their own personal space to enjoy. You can get a nice comfy bed for your dog to use instead of the couch. But, they have to want to lay there consistently, and not still make their rounds to the couch or chair. Once again, DoggoffIt is the best choice, and when used in combination with a pet bed, may consistently direct the dog to select their bed as first choice for resting.

Groom Your Pet Daily

Regardless of how you dissuade your pet from sitting on the furniture, for good hygiene,  groom your regularly.  This is a great way to maintain your pet's health, and help protect your furniture. Brushing and bathing your dog regularly will help keep your pet's fur from developing an unpleasant odor., and rids them of dirt, dander, and disease carrying fleas and ticks.   Also, it will assist you in cutting down on all that extra fur all over the place, especially if your dog sheds a lot. Regular grooming aids in the removal of dead hair, and promoting new hair growth that looks shiny and new. 

Furthermore, keep your pet's nails trimmed and filed properly to help prevent them from scratching your furniture.  Remember that consistent grooming will keep your pet healthy. Also, don't forget to ensure your pets get enough exercise. If they don't exercise, they may release all their energy onto your furniture, possibly by biting and scratching. 

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