Pet Deterrents for Furniture
Easy To Use And It Actually Works!

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Pet deterrent



Cat ruining couch

No More Ruined Furniture

Our safe and painless pet deterrents modify your pet’s behavior. DoggOffIt is lightweight, easy to use and stores conveniently out of the way. With minimal effort on your part, DoggOffIt quickly and easily trains your pet to find somewhere else to relax.

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How to use it

Easy to Use and Trouble-Free

At DoggOffIt, we understand that you can’t monitor your pets 24/7. Unlike other pet deterrents that can shock and scare your furry friends, our painless furniture protectors help modify your pets’ behavior to stay off the furniture even when you’re not around.

Single Chair

Commitment to Quality

Since 2021 we have provided safe, painless, effective deterrents at a fair price. Finely made in the USA from recycled plastic, our unique design and durable construction provides years of effective use. When no longer needed, please share with another pet lover or recycle.


Keeps our two terriers from sitting on the arms of our easy chair!

Tom & Bev G.

Amazing! Worked instantly!

Dave B.

Tried it and my cat stopped scratching the sofa! - Laurie V.

Laurie V.